Can Telemedicine Replace Face-to-Face Doctor Visits

We live in a smartphone world. You can have your favorite meal delivered to your door, you can have people pick-up your groceries, you can even pay strangers to drive your family members to the airport, and our perspective of the world has been completely altered by 2-day delivery. Ultimately, modern technology has benefited the consumer and even furthered our pursuit of avoiding meaningless tasks altogether. You are seldom required to even leave your house; telemedicine has transferred this same philosophy into healthcare.

Has Telemedicine Impacted the Future of Healthcare?

Removing the barriers of brick and mortar, telemedicine is shattering all expectations of an impersonal experience. The human touch is being reinfused into modern healthcare through telemedicine, despite the remote locations of the doctor and patient. Oftentimes, the patient can experience shorter wait times, easier scheduling, and more reassuring interactions with a doctor through telemedicine. Some physicians fear that telemedicine will never be able to replace the comfort that comes with a face-to-face doctor’s interaction. However, the term “web-side manner” has been dubbed for how doctors are able to provide even more assistance and care to patients from afar.

In the past, patients have had to schedule doctors visits months in advance, leave the comfort of their homes to drive out to their doctor’s office, sit in the waiting room far past the scheduled appointment time, and then feel rushed through their face-to-face interaction with the doctor. This combined with hours spent on the phone trying to obtain medical records or get answers from the doctor's office post-visit, can cause the entire in-person visit to feel desensitizing and cold.

Telemedicine provides a faster connection, with easy to access medical records, and often you can receive answers in a quarter of the time that it normally would have taken for an in-person visit. This is leaving both the physicians and the patients taking part in telemedicine extremely satisfied.

Because telemedicine takes out the stress and lowers the number of hoops to jump through, patients often feel more at ease once they get their time with the doctor. And, on the doctor side, they are able to spend their undivided attention on the patient without worrying about all the other waiting patients just outside the exam room door.

How is Telemedicine Currently Being Used?

In recent years, the possible medical solutions telemedicine provides has become endless, and has facilitated the following:

  • Diagnosing and treating UTIs

  • Diagnosing and treating strokes

  • Vision check-ups

  • Diagnosing and treating STDs

  • Prescribing birth control

  • In-home rehabilitation

  • Picture based dermatology

  • Mental health consultations

  • Face-timing PCPs for check-ups

  • Improving rural healthcare around the world

Many doctor’s offices are even finding ways to integrate with telemedicine through online patient portals, facilitating a more satisfying experience for the patient.

Why is Telemedicine so Important?

Lives have been saved by the ability to video conference a doctor. In an emergency situation where a patient may not be physically able to reach the ER, an emergency video call allows for quick assessments and immediate suggestions to the practitioners on hand or straight to the struggling patient.

Often after a procedure as intensive as major surgery, multiple follow-ups are required to ensure the patient is healing properly. Not all follow-ups are required to be in-person, and a virtual check-in with your doctor can save both the practitioner and the patient time and money.

Telemedicine is working as an advocate for the patient, pushing all doctors to make communication easier than ever. The patient’s health should always be valued first and foremost, but right after that, should come their time. The patient’s time is precious and telemedicine is pushing for that to be recognized across the board.

Why Choose Telemedicine?

If you feel that your health is often neglected because you simply don’t have time to schedule and attend a doctor’s visit, you should consider looking into a telemedicine service.

It’s hard enough to get to the doctor, and it’s even harder when you’re not feeling well. Virtual doctor’s visits are now a possibility in your own home via video conferencing, phone calls, and even in-app communication.

Ultimately, it’s about what’s best for you, the patient. Responsible Telemedicine puts the benefit of the consumer first and looks for ways to ensure that the customer is receiving the best care possible. As telemedicine continues to revolutionize the healthcare industry, saving the patients’ time and money, Responsible Telemedicine is constantly monitoring for proper healthcare practices.


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